Instagram Introduces New Teen Safety Features


Instagram announced it will roll out new safety features for teenage users just one day before its CEO testifies in Congress.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri will testify before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation on Wednesday, Dec. 8 about the efforts Instagram is taking to protect young users.

“At Instagram, we’ve been working for a long time to keep young people safe on the app,” CEO Adam Mosseri wrote in a blog post. “As part of that work, today we’re announcing some new tools and features to keep young people even safer on Instagram.”

The new features will allow parents to set time limits on the use of the app as well as a “Take A Break” feature, which encourages users to exit the app if they have been scrolling for a while.

Instagram hopes its efforts will convince skeptics that it cares about user health, especially teens.

“We’ll be taking a stricter approach to what we recommend to teens on the app,” Mosseri wrote, emphasizing that Instagram will “start nudging teens towards different topics if they’ve been dwelling on one topic for a while.”

Another safety feature will prevent people from tagging underage users in posts if they don’t follow them. “Potentially harmful or sensitive” content will also be hidden from teens.

“Every day I see the positive impact that Instagram has for young people everywhere,” Mosseri said of the platform. “I’m proud that our platform is a place where teens can spend time with the people they care about, explore their interests, and explore who they are.”

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