Italian Judge Angelo Giorgianni Who Resigned in Protest of Green Pass Shares His Observations with TGP


Italians are not only concerned with their country’s actions concerning COVID but they also are concerned with their country’s relationship with the US.

Magistrate Judge Angelo Giorgianni is outspoken about the way various countries like Italy have responded to COVID.  Alarmcall writes:

Judge Angelo Giorgianni launches a new alarm: the worldwide management of the pandemic follows the same script. The Cyprus government’s response to the pandemic is causing terror and concern among the Cypriot people who see their freedoms and fundamental rights limited. Safe pass, mandatory tests also for children and teenagers to go to school and the fear of the mandatory vaccine upon returning to school.

Governments around the world are following a unique script for managing the pandemic, so what happens in some states could soon spread to others. The Government of Cyprus, like the rest of the governments of the world, has responded to the pandemic with very heavy human rights limitations and has even activated the Safe Pass which from the end of June will take the name of Green Pass.

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Judge Giorgianni was interviewed this past week alongside TGP’s Joe Hoft.  Before the interview, the following were discussed:

  • Today, in Italy, the eurozone seems doomed, especially if commodity prices continue to stay where they are (very high).
  • If globalists block the import of goods from the UK and the USA, the globalist world implodes, no matter how much those concerned complain and rant.
  • The Franco-German EU is in bed with Beijing.  The US is well aware of this.
  • A tsunami of biblical proportions is on its way, first of all in Europe, from the USA. The reduction in European exports to the USA due to the slowdown in unloading goods is compounded by US-induced inflation in the rest of the world. And, in addition, this inflationary problem is multiplied – for those who have the euro – by a strong dollar.
  • In the end, the conclusion is simple-  in 2022 Italy will make a hole in its accounts that will empty the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Italy will attempt to help its companies but by bankrupting the rest of the country, the families first of all, which clearly do not know how they will be paid if they do not work.
  • In the end, you will see, it is only a matter of time before the people in Italy rebel.
  • If you add to this the push for forced vaccination with a vaccine that is not clear whether it will do damage or provide side effects in the medium to long term (such data on vaccines are currently almost unknown) you understand that the situation is nothing short of EXPLOSIVE.
  • The purely Roman ruling class that caused the disaster is the same one that today claims to direct the restart growth and the nation.
  • So everything can happen in Italy in the next few months, including blackouts, mass vaccinations without a health emergency, confiscation of your property, disarming Italians who have weapons, blackouts etc.. In short, we risk a modern form of all-out repression.

Below is the interview with Judge Agnelo Giorgianni where he discusses the situation in Italy and more.

Italy is a friend of the US and both countries relish this relationship.

What do you think?

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