Italy Restricts Public Life For Unvaxxed with New Covid “Super Green Pass”


Italy imposed new restrictions on the unvaxxed amid concern over the Omicron variant that only seems to be infecting fully vaccinated individuals.

Most public activities will be banned for people without a Covid “Super Green Pass.”

The Super Green Pass will be needed to enter theaters, sporting events, restaurants and bars until mid-January, according to Il Giornale.

Violators will be charged between 400 and 1,000 euros.

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More from Italian newspaper Il Giornale:

From today, the super green pass comes into force, which allows access to indoor restaurants, cinemas and shows only to those who are vaccinated or have obtained green certification because they have recovered from Covid.

What is the difference between super green pass and green pass? The first is released after vaccination or recovering from Covid and lasts 9 months, the second with negative antigenic buffer and is valid for 48 hours or 72 in the case of the molecular.

How do i download the super green pass? Usual. You receive a text message with the authcode code to download the certification from the website or from the Immuni app after having taken the second (or third) dose or when the doctor delivers the certificate of recovery from Covid.

Does anyone who already owns the green pass for vaccination or recovery need to download a new certification?

No, the Verification C19 App of the Ministry of Health will recognize its validity.

Do the new restrictions imposed by the decree apply to everyone?

No, children under 12 and exempt from the vaccination campaign are excluded.

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