“It’s Been a Remarkably Bad Run for the White House. They’ve Racked Up a Number of Losses in Notably Different Areas.” – Legal Expert Jonathan Turley on Biden (VIDEO)


The Biden Administration’s efforts to rule the United States with unlawful and tyrannical orders are finally being addressed in the courts. 

Jonathan Turley was on FOX News:

Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley examined recent legal setbacks for the Biden administration during an appearance on “The Ingraham Angle” on Thursday night.

Turley said the court rulings have amounted to “quite a litany of losses” as the Democratic president issues his responses to the omicron variant and other issues related to the coronavirus.

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Turley shared:

It’s been a remarkably bad run for the White House. They’ve racked up a number of losses in notably different areas.

These are mandates related to federal contractors, also a mandate with regard to Medicare, dealing with facilities, and then of course the big OSHA ruling, and all of those courts said that they don’t see at the preliminary injunction stage, the clear authority for the government to do what it did.

See video below:

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