J-6 Political Prisoner Jake Lang Responds to Joe Biden’s Disgusting, Dirty Lie About Trump Supporters Killing 5 Police Officers on Jan. 6 (VIDEO)


Joe Biden went to Wisconsin on Wednesday the day after former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman called for state officials to decertify the 2020 election.

During his remarks, the serial liar suggested that Trump supporters killed 5 cops on January 6, 2021.

What a sick, evil man.

Joe Biden: “How would you feel if you saw crowds storm and break down the doors of the British Parliament, kill five cops, injure 145, or the German Bundestag, or the Italian Parliament? I think you’d wonder. Well, that’s what the rest of the world saw.”

Four Trump supporters were killed on Jan. 6. Two female Trump supporters were killed by cops. One was shot dead in cold blood.

One police officer later died the next day from a stroke.

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What a disgusting lie. Not a single police officer was killed by protesters on January 6 or any other day!

Of course, the fake news media said nothing about this whopper.

On Thursday US political prisoner Jake Lang called The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft from his prison cell. We asked Jake about President Biden’s latest disgusting slur of Trump supporters.

Jake Lang responded, “He is purposely doing this because he can’t win a fair fight, they can’t win a fair trial against us. So they have to use all of these octopus arms in the media to spread these ridiculous lies. .

Jake Lang is one of the dozens of Trump supporters still imprisoned in the DC Gulag and jails across the country without trial or human rights. Several of these prisoners have been physically and emotionally abused for over a year now.”

What do you think?

Written by Newsman

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