J.D. Vance: Biden Defiance on Health Questions ‘All About Ego’

J.D. Vance: Biden Defiance on Health Questions ‘All About Ego’

On Friday’s “Jesse Watters Primetime” on the Fox News Channel, Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) reacted to President Joe Biden’s pushback against a Special Counsel report’s claim about his health.

Vance said Biden’s tack was “all about ego.”

“All right, Senator, you heard Dean Phillips say he’s a decent man,” FNC host Jesse Watters said. “I think decent men see country first. Does Joe Biden see country first?”

“Look, Jesse, I don’t think so,” Vance replied. “I think this is all about ego, because if he cared about the country first, he would recognize what is obvious to everyone, even many Democrats, that he simply can’t do the job. Look, I agree with Dean Phillips that what I saw yesterday was sad. This is a person who’s clearly incapable of carrying on his duties. This is a person who’s clearly lost a step. But I’m most sad not for Joe Biden, but for the people he leads as president of the United States.”

“And I have to just respond to this point, Jesse,” he continued. “You hear this sometimes said by Democrats that, yes, Joe Biden’s lost a step, but so has Donald Trump. I don’t know how any honest, self-respecting person can look at Joe Biden at that press conference yesterday, compare it to Donald Trump, and say that these are two people who are in the same place mentally. It’s just obviously fake and not true.”

“Trump’s got the energy,” Vance added. “He’s got the memory. He’s got the verve to do the job. Biden is a guy who’s clearly going to need to go hide in the basement if he has any chance of reelection because, if that is the image they present to the American people for the next six months, we’re going to win a landslide, Jesse, because that is terrifying to think that guy has the nuclear codes and controls our national defense.”

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