Joe Biden: Climate Change Is ‘More Consequential’ Than Nuclear War

Joe Biden: Climate Change Is ‘More Consequential’ Than Nuclear War

President Joe Biden has made the astonishing claim that the only existential threat in the world is climate change, which is worse than nuclear war.

“There is only one existential threat we face in this world, and that’s the environment,” Mr. Biden told guests at a campaign reception in New York on Wednesday. “I mean, it literally is the existential threat.

“It’s even more consequential than nuclear power, nuclear war,” he continued. “That would be horrible and awful, and it would just make the environment incredibly worse. But it’s about the environment.”

On Friday, Catholic League President Bill Donohue pointed out that the president’s assessment of the problems facing the nation is wildly out of sync with the views of ordinary Americans.

A recent Harvard CAPS-Harris poll found that Americans see immigration as the number one issue facing the country, followed by inflation and the economy.

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Climate change and the environment are way down at number ten on the list of issues that worry Americans, below crime, drugs, healthcare, jobs, corruption, and the national debt.

Biden, however, remains doggedly convinced that climate change is the real worry, or as he said Wednesday, the only existential threat facing the world.

This conviction is nothing new, as Biden has stated his belief in the danger of climate change over and over again.

Donohue, who holds a doctorate in sociology, went to the trouble of counting and chronicling the times that Biden has declared that climate change is an existential threat and found that in the last year alone, the president has made this assertion an incredible 49 times.

Biden’s words on Wednesday show “how dramatically out-of-touch this administration is with the American people,” Donohue notes. “Their priorities are not the public’s priorities.”

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