Joe Biden Omits His Close Friendships with KKK Kleagle Byrd and George Wallace and His Racist 1993 Crime Bill Speech in Today’s MLK Jr. Address


Joe Biden slurred his way through his Martin Luther King, Jr. address today.  It was another rough outing for Joe.

Less than 1,000 people tuned in to hear this crazy old man on Monday.

Via Midnight Rider Channel.

Mr. 81 million votes can’t get one thousands views. Such BS.

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During his speech today Joe Biden forgot to mention his close friendships with noted racists.

Biden bragged about his friendship with George Wallace from Alabama.

Biden was close to KKK Kleagle Robert Byrd.

Watch the Fake News Ignore This: Joe Biden Gives a Shout-out to KKK Kleagle During CNN Town Hall (VIDEO)

And don’t forget about Joe Biden’s famous 1993 speech when he called blacks “predators.”

FLASHBACK: Joe Biden’s Infamous and Racist 1993 Crime Bill Speech (VIDEO)

For some reason Biden left this out of his speech today. And of course the fake news gives him a pass.

What do you think?

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