Joe Biden Says He’s Trying to “Work Out Any Accommodation” For Vladimir Putin to Not Invade Ukraine (VIDEO)


Joe Biden on Wednesday told reporters that he’s trying to “work out any accommodation” for Vladimir Putin to not invade Ukraine.

Biden’s remarks come one day after he had a virtual call with Putin to discuss the mounting threat of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Russia became emboldened after Biden gave Vladimir Putin the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Joe Biden and his Democrat allies received money from a top Russia lobbyist in 2020 before waiving sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

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The Nord Stream 2 pipeline would allow Russia to bypass Ukraine and Poland and deliver gas to Germany.

Biden threatened to impose economic sanctions if Putin invades neighboring Ukraine.

However, Joe Biden is going straight for appeasement.


“There were no minced words.”

Pres. Biden underscores imperatives outlined in discussion with Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin amid border tensions with Ukraine.

— ABC News (@ABC) December 8, 2021

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