Joe Biden’s “Let’s Go Brandon” Christmas Caller Tells War Room: “Trump Is My President” (VIDEO)


Jared Schmeck tells Steve Bannon on War Room – Donald Trump is my President!

On Friday Joe and Jill Biden took NORAD Christmas phone calls from families at the White House. One dad closed out the call with a cheery “Let’s go Brandon!”, a phrase that has become a euphemism for the profane protest chant “F*** Joe Biden.”

Jill giggled while Joe repeated the caller saying, “Let’s go Brandon! I agree.”

Of course, the video clip went viral. And the young father Jared Schmeck was doxxed by the left and threatened with death.

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On Monday Jared Schmeck joined Steve Bannon on The War Room. Schmeck to the War Room audience, “Trump is my president.”

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