Judge in Ghislaine Maxwell Case Orders Epstein Agreement with Prince Andrew to Be Released by January 3rd


Although there are claims that the Ghislaine Maxwell trial was a massive coverup of criminal actions by the elite, one document will reportedly be released to the public.  

The judge in the Ghislaine Maxwell case has ordered that one document of interest be released.


The famed Settlement Agreement with Epstein and Prince Andrew and others has now been ordered to be unsealed and docketed on the public record by 1/3/22

— kagbro88 (@kagbro88) December 29, 2021

Here is the order:

There is so much that isn’t being made public related to Jeffrey Epstein.  For example, we have no idea where some documents have gone that were observed by the FBI.

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial: Evidence from Jeffrey Epstein’s Safe Went Missing Following FBI Raid

At least this one document will be released.  Why this one?

What do you think?

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