Kim Klacik is Running for Congress AGAIN! Joins Jake Lang on The Political Prisoner Podcast

Kim Klacik is Running for Congress AGAIN! Joins Jake Lang on The Political Prisoner Podcast

Baltimore, Maryland, is ripe for the picking. The viral campaign video sensation Kim Klacik is running again to flip Baltimore RED! On this exclusive episode of The Political Prisoner Podcast, Kim speaks about her first Congressional campaign, her rise to national recognition, and her restructuring for a new push forward.

You may remember Kim Klacik as the fearless, high-heel-clad woman stomping through the desperado streets of Baltimore, Maryland, in 2020. Her message was as striking as her bright red dress – let’s clean up the crushed streets of inner-city Baltimore. The crime & social decay is untenable – and she was the lady promising to fix it all.

The video was seen by tens of millions and is hailed as one of the most successful political videos of all time. She rewrote the script of how to market yourself as a Conservative in a deep blue district.

Kim and Jake dive right into the details, and she explains exactly how that video came about and the struggles of the campaign. They also cover the topics of faith and overcoming adversity to press into her new Congressional campaign.

Kim is BACK, and round 2 is looking even more promising than the first!

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