Leaked Secret Government Report Shows Vaccine Passports Could Fuel COVID and Cost Venues Millions


Well, what do you know?

A leaked UK report found that Fauci Vaccine Mandates could fuel the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and will cost public venues millions of dollars.

Of course, this was hidden from the public.

Once again it appears Dr. Fauci enacted a policy that killed people he was supposed to be saving.

Austrian police checking COVID passports on the street.

The SUN reported:

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VACCINE passports could send Covid cases spiking by sending Brits into badly ventilated pubs from larger venues, the Government fears.

Event organisers would have to hire thousands of security staff to check Covid certificates as well as see takings hit by a fall in the number of punters to venues where documentation is required like sport arenas, a leaked report suggests.

The findings are included in analysis marked “official secret” by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport seen by The Telegraph.

It asked if vaccine passports could have “any displacement effects to other types of venues not included for certification”.

It warned that football fans turned away from stadiums for not having a Covid pass could help fuel the virus by piling into packed pubs to watch games.

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