LIVE-STREAM VIDEO: VoterGA Press Conference on Georgia Drop Box Chain of Custody Analysis – 10 AM Eastern


On Wednesday The Gateway Pundit spoke with Garland Favorito from VoterGA.

Garland told us his organization VoterGA is hoding a press conference today at 10 AM Eastern to discuss the lack of chain of custody documentation on the state’s ballot drop-box implementation.

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According to Garland at least 100,000 Georgia ballots lack the adequate chain of custody documents from the 2020 election.  The number is likely much larger than this.

And lastly, Garland told us they still have no idea how many ballots came from drop boxes in 202o.  That number has not been provided by the state!  That is absolutely shocking!

This will be a must-see presentation.

We will post a link to the presentation as it becomes available.

Here is the live-stream feed to today’s press conference.

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Media Advisory

VoterGA to Present Ballot Drop Box Chain of Custody Analysis

What:            VoterGA will present their statewide ballot drop box chain of custody analysis including examples of video surveillance. The presentation includes a litigation status update, overview of fatal flaws in drop box administration and details of an important newly completed study.

Why:    VoterGA seeks to ensure a safe, secure and honest 2022 election by identifying and correcting all problems that occurred in the 2020 election

When:            Thursday, January 20, 2022, 10:00 a.m. 

Where:           Roswell Office Suites

        760 old Roswell Rd. 

        Roswell, GA 30076

Who:             VoterGA is a non-partisan, 501(c)3 registered non-profit organization created by a coalition of citizens working to restore election integrity in Georgia. We advocate for independently verifiable, auditable, recount capable and transparent elections.

Media Contact:     Sheryl Sellaway                     

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