Maskless COVID Cultist Oprah Winfrey and Family Celebrate Christmas Feast In Mansion Alongside Masked Servants


Apparently, only the germ-ridden help and servants are carriers of COVID in the minds of the liberal elite.

Billionaire Oprah Winfrey took to social media to showcase her Christmas decorations.

An unmasked Winfrey gleams over the acorns her masked servants assembled along the railing of her stairway.

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Common sense and numerous studies prove masks do not prevent the transmission of aerosols like coronavirus.

But from the vantage point of pretentious elites who support mask decrees, vaccine masking belongs to the staff.

In an Instagram post showcasing the arrival of a guest at Winfrey’s mansion, Winfrey warns anyone visiting her home must comply with “The Policy.”

“Everyone who is spending Christmas at my house has to be vaccinated, boosted, tested, and quarantined. Stedman calls it ‘The Policy’ cause I’m that serious about it, Winfrey notes.

In another Instagram post, an unmasked Winfrey gloats over monkey bread made by her baker.

The servant she highlights for cooking the baked good is was able to breathe the air freely momentarily for the cameras, but the other servants in Winfrey’s mansion are all seen wearing face coverings.

This two-tiered system is a trademark of all evil, totalitarian corrupt systems.

Masks are for the little people.

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