Minneapolis BLM Activist Is Arrested in Waukesha for Threatening Judge in Police Shooting Trial


A Minneapolis activist has been arrested in Waukesha, Wisconsin for intimidating the judge in the Kim Potter trial.

Former police officer Potter is facing manslaughter charges in the April shooting of Daunte Wright.

The activist, Cortez Rice, 32, has been charged with felony harassment with aggravated violations — tampering with a juror or retaliating against a judicial officer, according to a report from KSTP. He is reportedly a relative of George Floyd.

Rice is currently in the Waukesha County Jail awaiting extradition back to Minnesota.

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It is currently unclear why Rice is in Waukesha, but the area has been in the headlines due to the deadly Christmas parade massacre — which was committed by a supporter of Black Lives Matter.

Rice had also recently threatened that he knew people taking photos of the jurors in the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

Cortez Rice is a BLM activist who claims to be George Floyd’s nephew. He is using third-world tactics of attempting to intimidate jurors to get the result he wants.

— Tim Xeriland (@Xeriland) November 14, 2021

“Rice is accused of participating in a Nov. 6 demonstration outside a downtown Minneapolis condominium complex he and others believed to be where Hennepin County Judge Regina Chu lived. The alleged purpose was to intimidate her to allow a camera inside the courtroom for Potter’s trial,” Fox News reports.

This is Cortez Rice, George Floyd’s nephew.

Online reports are that he somehow managed to get into an apartment building where a Minneapolis judge lives and live streamed it.

If this isn’t blatant intimidation then I don’t know what is???

— italia_patriot3 (@Italia06998044) November 10, 2021

According to the criminal complaint, Rice livestreamed himself entering the judge’s apartment building on YouTube. “We on her heels,” he is heard saying in the video, according to court documents. “What she think … we want cameras. The people deserve to know.”

Another protester he was with during the visit to the judge’s home could be heard threatening that it was just a “trial run” and that they “would be back.”

Opening arguments in Potter’s trial begin on Wednesday.

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