MMA Ruins Event Night By Hosting Inter-Gender Fights


A very simple truth that the world seems to consistently forget is that if a man is allowed to compete against a woman in sports, the man will likely win – in dominating fashion. But because the world is full of stupid people, we had to be reminded of this again thanks to an intergender MMA fight on Friday night.

Piotr ‘Mua Boy’ Lisowski fought female fighter Ula Siekacz at an event put on by MMA-VIP in Czestochowa, Poland, with Lisowski thoroughly pummeling his female opponent and winning by TKO in the second round. It was one of two inter-gender fights held during the event.

Despite fighting and throwing punches like a sissy, Lisowski put Siekacz in a submission hold using only one arm, repeatedly punching her until the referee intervened and stopped the fight. Below is footage of the decisive moves that earned Lisowski the win:

— Matysek (@Matysek88) October 29, 2021

It’s disturbing that MMA-VIP thought that a fight featuring a self-described “beauty brand ambassador” who dubbed himself “185cm of pure sex” and a female would be anything short of grotesque and one-sided. Numerous Twitter users also saw the fight as horrific and disgusting:

That intergender mma fight was disturbing to watch omg

— DEV (@MchughDevin) October 30, 2021

How was this sanctioned? This is horrific.

— Fishknuckles (@fish_knuckles) October 29, 2021

It’s been said before and it’s worth saying again: men should never be allowed to compete in the same athletic sphere as women in a professional setting.

Men generally speaking have more physical strength than women and thus typically overpower them. It is an insult to both genders when men and women compete in the same setting.

For men, it just proves that male athletes are only good enough to compete and win when the competition is lowered and when they have prominent advantages. And it is insulting for women when the public thinks that it will make women’s sports more entertaining if a man steps in to fight.

Despite what the final results were for the fight, there are no winners when gender lines are blurred in MMA or any other sport. There are only losers

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