MSNBC’s Maddow: ‘Only Way the Country Gets Saved’ Is if Trump Loses

MSNBC’s Maddow: ‘Only Way the Country Gets Saved’ Is if Trump Loses

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow said Wednesday on “Deadline” that the only way the country gets saved is if the democratic process blocks Republicans because Democrats win in November.

Maddow said, “There’s just no governing talk happening at all in the Republican Party. It’s instead about this idea that America is a disaster, America’s in decline, America’s being laughed at, America is humiliated, and there must be extreme measures taken to fundamentally change the course of the country or we’re all going to die.”

She continued, “The Republican Party is engaged in a group decision that they are trying to change what the United States is.”

She added, “When Trump used violence and fraud and intimidation to try to throw out election results and stay in power anyway, the response of the Republican Party was not to be horrified. For the most part the response of the elected and leading Republican Party was to figure out how they could help him get away with it.”

Maddow concluded, “We cannot wait for the Republican Party to wake up. Nothing is going to happen inside the Republican Party other than efforts to get Donald Trump what he wants, which is to get rid of our form of government. The only way the country gets saved is if Republicans are blocked by the democratic process because Democrats win instead. That’s the only thing left to us.”

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