MUST SEE: Christina Bobb from OAN Reached Out to Archbishop Vigano from Italy for Christmas Discussion on Good vs. Evil


This week Christina Bobb from OAN discussed current events with Italian Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano.

This past weekend, Christina Bobb shared at the weekly briefing her closing argument.  This week’s argument included thoughts from her discussion with Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano from Italy who has been outspoken on COVID actions by elites, vaccines that harm more than help, and the destruction of individual rights.

Evil is real and is trying to redefine us.  Will we allow it to?  Evil wants us to believe that we can define our morality for ourselves with ultimately leads to depravity.  Or, will we announce to all eternity that we know who we are.  We know we were created in the image of God and we are good.

The Archbishop says the crisis today can be one through heart surrender to God and his design for this generation.  Archbishop Vigano stated in his response to me, “As I said in my message to the citizens of Switzerland, it is not freedom that we must ask for today or to say better.  The freedom that we must claim is neither license for the arbitrary will to do whatever we wish.  But the freedom to act within the boundaries of the good which today is prevented.”

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See more of this exceptional piece below.

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