MUST-SEE VIDEO: J6er Micajah Jackson CONFRONTS AZ Man Luke Robinson on Video Who Was in US Capitol with a Gun and Was LATER REMOVED from FBI Most Wanted List


Micajah Jackson was arrested in May 2021 and charged with entering the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. Micajah was also charged with disorderly, violent entry, demonstrating in a Capitol Building, and being disruptive.

Micajah Jackson pleaded guilty to one charge — parading, demonstrating, or picketing in the Capitol Building.  His sentencing is scheduled for February 25, 2022.

On Friday we received this email from Gateway Pundit reader George: “I’m sure you’re aware of Micajah Jackson, he’s one of Arizona’s persecuted J6 protestors. He just confronted another guy who got removed from the FBI’s most-wanted list and had a gun inside the Capitol.”

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Sure enough.  The FBI deleted Luke Phillip Robinson #343 from their online list

So the only person with a gun that day was dropped from the FBI list?  How did that happen?

Notice, they still have grandma pictured as 342!

Micajah today confronted Luke Phillip Robinson aka. “Ginger Gun” in Arizona. Robinson was at the Jan 6 protests. He had a firearm and was wearing an earpiece. The FBI later removed him from their most-wanted list.

Here is the transcript from today’s confrontation.

Micajah Jackson“Hey man, why were you removed #343 from the FBI most-wanted list?”

Luke Robinson: I don’t know. Hey man, can I talk to you after this?…

Micajah Jackson: Hey man.

Luke Robinson: Can you please wait a second?

Micajah Jackson: Hey, we just want to know what’s going on. We can help you out. We want to help you. We need to figure out what’s going on.

Via The KFK Report:

This morning I confronted January 6th #343 Ginger Gun aka “Luke Phillip Robinson.”

— TheJFKReport (@TheJFKReport) January 14, 2022

Video 2:

For those of you wondering how Luke Robinson and I are connected. The intro didn’t load. Here’s the intro.

— TheJFKReport (@TheJFKReport) January 14, 2022

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