National Archives Asks DOJ to Investigate Trump’s Handling of White House Records After Mar-a-Lago Raid


President Trump

The National Archives asked the Justice Department to investigate Trump’s handling of White House records after it raided Mar-a-Lago.

The National Archives raided Mar-a-Lago last month and retrieved 15 Trump White House record boxes, according to the Washington Post.

It turns out all they found in the boxes were gifts, mementos and letters to Trump from world leaders.

Every recent presidential administration has had some Presidential Records Act violations, but the National Archives is now asking the DOJ to harass Trump with another investigation.

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Trump’s advisors say there was no malicious intent and it will be a challenge for the DOJ to prove Trump tried to conceal gifts or mementos from the Archives.

The Washington Post on Wednesday reported the Archives’ referral to the DOJ caused federal prosecutors to discuss the possibility of a criminal investigation.

The Post said it is unclear whether the Justice Department will actually investigate the boxes of gifts.

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