NBC’s Lester Holt Plays Therapist With Speaker Pelosi In Jan 6 Interview


NBC News has always been in the tank for the Democratic Party, and Thursday was no different. On NBC Nightly News during an exclusive interview with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the topic of the anniversary of the January 6 Capitol Hill riots, Lester Holt gave her a fluffy softball interview that was a borderline therapy session.  

The first question was probably the most sycophantic toward Pelosi where he asked about President Biden’s divisive speech earlier in the day where he attacked former President Trump. Lester praised Biden’s speech and wondered why he hadn’t given it sooner: 

Next up, Holt played therapist instead of journalist and asked Pelosi to share her experience on January 6 and how she felt: “I want you to take me into that day if you will. We all remember you being quickly escorted off the podium. I’ve heard you talk about it before. You didn’t want to go.” Holt empathized: “Do you think now, though, knowing what you know, do you think about what would have happened had you stayed?” 

Holt let Pelosi answer and then he took one more crack at reenacting a national therapy session on live television:  

The leftist NBC anchor asked Pelosi about her thoughts on whether America will ever be the same after the January 6 riots asking “what has been lost that you fear can’t be regained?” 

Perhaps being mortified by his performance as an interviewer thus far, Holt snapped out of his Pelosi-induced trance and asked her a real question: Why did she reject the GOP’s nominees for the January 6 committee? Pelosi claimed that two of their nominees “were suspect in terms of their involvement in January 6th.” There was no pushback from Holt. 

In what has to be the most pathetic portion of the interview, Holt asks Pelosi about her claim about “praying for your adversaries.” In which Pelosi answered: 

This is extremely ironic for multiple reasons. The first is that Holt would try to portray partial-birth abortion-loving Pelosi as some kind of devout Catholic. The second is how Pelosi pretends that she ever had respect for the Republican Party or its history. She has always been a bitter divisive partisan Democrat. The fact that Lester Holt would let her get away with this act shows how far in the tank he is for the liberal agenda. 

This embarrassing display of an NBC anchor sucking up to a powerful Democrat was brought to you by Otezla. Their information is linked so you can let them know about the biased news they fund. 



7:06:05 PM

LESTER HOLT: Perhaps no one had a clearer view of the stakes that day than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who I spoke to today. This morning President Biden was here in the Capitol and delivered a blistering takedown of his predecessor and also offered a vigorous defense of democracy. Given the environment, we’re in right now where there are people still trying to delegitimize the investigation, diminish the extent of what happened here, do you wish that speech had come sooner than today? 

SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI: Well, it came today, and it’s what our country needed right now. And I’m very proud of the President’s speech. It was forceful, truthful and a wakeup call to some in our country of how close we came to catastrophe for our democracy that day in a way that was unprecedented.

HOLT: The way he went after Donald Trump, however, do you think that fuels a conversation among many Republicans that there’s something political about the observances? Mitch McConnell today suggested that it’s being used for political gain.

PELOSI: Well, that’s for him to say. The fact is there was an assault on our democracy, instigated by the President of the — the then President of the United States. An incitement of an insurrection on the Capitol, and that’s just something that Mitch McConnell or anybody else cannot whitewash. 

HOLT: I want you to take me into that day, if you will. We all remember you being quickly escorted off the podium. I’ve heard you talk about it before. You didn’t want to go.


HOLT: Do you think now, though, knowing what you know, do you think about what would have happened had you stayed?

PELOSI: Well, the security was very definite. And when they pulled me down from the podium, I said, don’t worry about it. They said, no, you must go. You must go. And, so, you don’t even have a conversation. You want to do your job. They have to do their job. The visuals of what was happening outside the Capitol now inside the Capitol, it breaks your heart. It breaks your heart. It is as if somebody in the White House dropped a bomb on the Congress of the United States.

HOLT: There were people in this Capitol that day viewing you as an enemy to be captured, to be humiliated. One of them said — was looking for you to shoot her in her frigging’ brain.

PELOSI: Yeah. 

HOLT: They desecrated your office. They left your staffers, you know, fearing for their lives. Have you found a way to put that in perspective, to reconcile it a year later?

PELOSI: Well, I have been one of their targets for a long time, and I have security to protect me. My concern was really for the other members and for the staff. They can destroy things in the Speaker’s office. That’s wrong, but that can be prepared. But the trauma that they foisted on the idealistic people who come to the Capitol to work, the institutional staffers have nothing to do with Democrats and Republicans, only the const–the Congress, those who had to clean up, clean up behind these people with their defecation of words and poo on the floor of the Capitol while they would be called names that are totally unacceptable.

HOLT: Speaker Pelosi taking me through the Capitol showing me where her staff was hiding. 

PELOSI: The rioters, they banged down one of the doors. The staff was in there under the table in the dark. They couldn’t speak for like three — almost three hours.

HOLT: And they’re obviously hearing everything because it’s, it’s taking place right here.

PELOSI: Oh yes! Where is she? We’re coming to get her. All that stuff. And uh, maybe they thought I was in there. I don’t know. 

HOLT: Then we go inside her office. 

PELOSI: Where you saw them sitting at the desk and taking the mail and all that was here. You know, that’s where that thug was sitting. 

HOLT: What did you think when you saw that picture?

PELOSI: Well, it was a manifestation of Donald Trump, complete disrespect. 

HOLT: I asked her about the lasting impact.

HOLT: What has been lost that you fear can’t be regained?

PELOSI: I think everything be regained. America is an optimistic country. The resilience of our democracy can withstand even the former President of the United States.

HOLT: And I asked about the House committee investigating January 6th. It’s composed of virtually all Democrats. Republicans pulling out after Pelosi rejected two of their selections, so she picked two Republicans, both fierce critics of former President Trump.

HOLT: Many Republicans will say that the process was not fair, that there were Republicans who were rejected as potential members of the committee.

PELOSI: No, no. They were not. Well, there were — the Speaker has the right to make the appointments.

HOLT: But there were individuals they wanted on that committee who were rejected.

PELOSI: And we said most of them could come. Two we could not because they were suspect in terms of their involvement in January 6th. They can whine all they want, but they walked away from the opportunity to having their full complement of members on the committee. 

[Cuts to Video] 

PELOSI: Now I ask all members to rise for a moment of silence.

[Cuts back] 

HOLT: You have been very vocal in the past about praying for your adversaries. 

PELOSI: I always do, including as recently as this morning, I always pray for them that God — that they will open their hearts to God’s blessings to do what is right. But I say to the Republicans, take back your party. This is not who you are. You’re the Grand Old Party that’s done so much for America. Had great leadership for our country. This is a sad thing for the country that the Republican Party would have melted down to a cult. 

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