Nevada County Renames Justice Complex in Honor of Donald Trump


The Lyon County Justice Complex in western Nevada was recently renamed in honor of former President Donald J. Trump.

Some 50 spectators attended a formal ceremony dedicating the Donald J. Trump Justice Complex in Yerington on February 5, according to the Associated Press. A plaque funded by private donations was to be unveiled during the ceremony, KOLO reports.

“The complex has housed the Sheriff’s Office, Jail, Third Judicial District Court, and Walker River Justice Court since 2013,” according to KOLO.

The county’s Board of Commissioners passed a proclamation to rename the Lyon County Justice Complex in honor of the 45th president by a vote of three to two in August. Initially, commissioners aimed to rename a Dayton road after the former president but decided not to, as some businesses and residences would have been required to change their addresses, the Associated Press reported.

The board voted to rename the road in July, which would have been dubbed “Pres. Trump Way,” the Hill reports. The vote prompted mixed responses from citizens, one of whom said there was “a better use of county funds than renaming a street for someone so polarizing and divisive.”

“In a resolution last week, the Lyon County Commission reportedly discussed a possibility of changing the process for renaming county facilities in the future,” the Hill reports. “However, currently approved names will not be affected.”

In a release, Lyon County stated the “resolution has nothing to do with renaming the Donald J. Trump Justice Complex.”

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