NEW: Joe Rogan Joins GETTR


Podcaster Joe Rogan announced that he is joining GETTR, a new social media platform.

GETTR was founded by Jason Miller, a former adviser to President Trump. The platform advertises itself as a free-speech-oriented alternative to Big Tech platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Rogan announced his decision to join the new platform on Twitter and included a link to his profile.

Rogan has been critical of censorship from Big Tech for quite some time and has faced criticism from the left for his views.

Earlier in the year, he warned that Big Tech was changing American politics–and not for the better.

“All these, like, internet companies, whether it’s Google or whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, if they can just censor you based on ideology, then you don’t have freedom of speech.” he said and further suggested that Big Tech is functionally “some sort of utility” and concluded: “when it’s literally one of the main two or three ways that human beings share ideas across the planet fucking earth, it’s bigger than just a company. And, and I don’t know what the solution to that is, but we have to have that conversation.”

Rogan has also criticized purported censorship from Google when it comes to treatments for COVID-19.

“I’m looking for very specific people and very specific cases, and I’m getting CDC websites. And I’m getting, you know, articles on the disinformation attached to vaccines, and vaccines being safe and effective, which for the most part they are — just like peanuts are safe and effective for the most part, you know?”

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