‘No to Vaccine Fascism’ – Tens of Thousands of Protesters March in Vienna to Stop Lockdowns and Covid Vaccine Mandates (VIDEO)


Tens of thousands of Austrians protested in Vienna on Saturday to stop the lockdowns and Covid vaccine mandates.

According to police, 44,000 people were out on the streets protesting against Austria’s new Covid vaccine mandate.

Former Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg recently announced a nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated.

According to Reuters, only 66% of Austria’s population is fully vaccinated against Covid.

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The Austrian government also imposed hefty fines on the unvaccinated of 600 euros – which will increase to 3,600 euros (£3,070) every three months.

Many demonstrators held ‘no to vaccine Fascism’ signs as they gathered at Heldenpltaz to protest Covid tyranny.


🇦🇹 De ring van Wenen is vol met mensen!👏

Op deze beelden van bovenaf is goed te zien hoe enorm de demonstratie is!!💪💪

— Kees71 (@Kees71234) December 11, 2021


Will you see this in the news? Tens of thousands of Austrians take over Vienna to stop the medical police state.

— Aaron Ginn (@aginnt) December 11, 2021


Austrians have not given up on freedom.

Vienna today.

— Aaron Ginn (@aginnt) December 11, 2021

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