Not Making Headlines: Joe Biden Repeatedly Praised Racist Democrat George Wallace and Bragged about an Award Wallace Gave Him (VIDEO)


If they can’t cheat, they can’t win.

Joe Biden flew to Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday to push the Democrats’ “voting rights” bill that legalizes midnight ballot boxes, ballot harvesting, voting without ID and all of the other gimics Democrats use to steal elections.

During his speech, Joe Biden asked his Atlanta audience if they wanted to be like George Wallace, a Democrat and noted racist, or like Martin Luther King, Jr. He insisted that if you oppose their legislation to steal elections then you are a racist.

So Joe Biden tried to paint Republicans as George Wallace fans but it was actually Joe Biden who was a friend of George Wallace and he bragged about it.

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Joe Biden was friends with George Wallace and actually bragged about an award he received from George Wallace.

Greg Kelly reported on it tonight.

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