One Way To Survive Biden’s “Greater Good” Plan For 2022


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Biden’s nominee for comptroller of the currency, the Soviet-Union born and educated Saule Omarova, who was once actually a leader in the Young Communists…

 has openly bragged about the next dirty trick Washington wants to play on unsuspecting Americans.

She says the new plan is to replace your private bank account with a Federal Reserve account.

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And she admitted this without shame:

“In an inflationary environment, when the central bank needs to contract the supply of money the central bank [could] take money from people’s accounts.”

“…The central bank [could] take money from people’s accounts.”

The goal is to gain the power to control your money. And this only requires that the mainstream media make the case that your financial ruin is in the best interests of the “greater good.”

What’s even worse…

If they can come for your checking account… what’s to stop them from coming for your IRA or 401(k)? In fact, any digital investment like stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs are at risk of being siphoned away.

How To Protect Your Money From Power-Hungry Politicians In 2022

By converting your hard-earned retirement savings to gold, you can…

  • Safeguard your money from out-of-control government agents
  • Hedge against sudden stock market losses
  • Legally avoid taxes

Not all retirement accounts allow for physical gold to be included. And the topic is not well-known or discussed online.

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Peter Reagan

Birch Gold Group

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