Parents Sue Doctor For ‘Wrongful Birth’ of Their Disabled Daughter

Parents Sue Doctor For ‘Wrongful Birth’ of Their Disabled Daughter

Two parents are suing an Australian gynecologist after their child was born with a disability. Apparently, the parents are pissed that the gynecologist didn’t detect the disability while the child was in utero and the parents then didn’t get the chance to abort her. 

That’s right. These parents are suing because their daughter was born alive, and perfectly healthy other than missing her left arm and having a few other structural malformations. 

Even still, Australia’s Supreme Court sided with the parents and ruled that the gynecologist pay $83,000 with “many more payments to follow,” New American reported. The court agreed that the gynecologist was negligent in his observation of the child’s ultrasound scans. 

“The doctor overlooked the child’s severe disability. If the diagnosis was correct, the parents would have decided to terminate the pregnancy,” the parents’ attorney, Karin Prutsch-Lang indicated. 

Imagine delivering your baby girl, noticing that she had deformities, and thinking, “Dangit, we missed our chance to kill her!”

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These parents are sick and twisted. They don’t deserve to have that beautiful baby if you ask me. She should go to a family who will love and cherish her as she is, not one who wishes she were dead.

New America indicated that the Australian court sided with the parents fully:

The high court agreed that the doctor’s mistake caused the parents to have a child that they would have chosen to abort had they known the truth. The court “emphasize[d] that this is about the parents’ right to decide autonomously whether, firstly, they want a child and, secondly, whether, given their life situation, they are prepared and ready to raise a disabled child according to their needs.”

In Australia and in other parts of the world, the legal system often sides with parents who are left with what they deem “wrongful births.” In Germany, a doctor was forced to pay child support for a baby boy after a contraceptive device that the doctor implanted in the child’s mother failed. This is another case like that.

In response to the story and this “wrongful birth,” those who care about all life, regardless of disability or challenge, were disgusted at the parents’ and the Australian court’s attempt to dehumanize the disabled little girl.

“By encouraging parents to sue in the event of unwanted births after failed contraceptive procedures, the children are also given the ‘devastating signal: you were not welcome,’” a Vienna-based pro life group said. 

Wolfgan Mazel, president of the Catholic Lay Council of Austria, said, “A society in which the abortion of disabled people is explicitly qualified as legal is clearly accepting a lasting threat to humanity.”

Live Action commented, “Wrongful birth lawsuits are a disturbing legal trend, in which parents hijack prenatal testing — a pro-life tool that is meant to ensure preborn children receive the health care they need while still in the womb — as a means to weed out children they feel are not worthy of life.”

This whole situation is utterly heartbreaking and shows just how evil some people truly are.

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