Pathetic MSNBC Journalist Downplays Dole’s WWII Service Because He Endorsed Trump


There’s no Republican who the haters at MSNBC won’t mock, even in death. Extremist MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan on Sunday undermined Bob Dole, downplaying his World War II heroics because, at the end of his life, he identified himself as a Trump supporter.

Hasan, who has a Sunday night show on MSNBC and occasionally fills-in for other supposedly reputable programs, rewrote a New York Times tweet on the late Army vet who almost died under withering Nazi machine gun fire: 

In a follow-up tweet, Hasan grumbled, “Dole was a World War 2 veteran and ran a non-crazy, non-far-right GOP presidential campaign in 1996.” The host appeared touchy about his attack, tweeting on Monday morning that his emphasis on Trump was only an example of independent journalism: 

Pretty sure no one disagrees with that. But Dole’s service in World War II, as a senator, as Majority Leader, as the 1996 Republican presidential candidate, is a tad more important than a late-in-life endorsement of Donald Trump. 

Here’s video of Fox’s Harris Faulkner on Monday hitting those in the liberal media for “downplaying” Dole’s World War II heroics. 

Who is Mehdi Hasan? On August 21, 2021, he used the 20th anniversary of 9/11 to slime the U.S.: “After 9/11 and the launch of a so-called Global War on Terror, xenophobia and specifically Islamophobia, became rampant in the U.S., in our politics, in our media, and in our public life.” According to Hasan, this all, ultimately, led to the rise of Trump: “We had to be protected from the dangerous brown hordes at our borders. It’s helped Donald Trump, a vocal xenophobe, to be elected president.” 

On August 11, 2021, filling in for Chris Hayes, Hasan called the resignation of alleged sexual predator Andrew Cuomo a “sadder day for American democracy” because of a “double standard” for Democrats. Hasan in the host fumed: “The Republican playbook, make racist policy and then complain about being accused of racism.” In January, he claimed that Antifa rioters in Portland were peaceful.

This is MSNBC. 

What do you think?

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