President Trump Issues Statement About His Accountants Being Tired of Being Harassed and Threatened by Corrupt Politicians


President Trump released a statement today about the fact his accountants have had enough.  They won’t take the harassment and threats from corrupt government officials anymore. 

President Trump released a statement about his accountants’ decision to no longer perform the accounting work for the President and his companies.

My long-term accounting firm didn’t leave me for any other reason than they were harassed, abused, and frightened by DA’s and AG’s that for years have been threatening them with indictment and ruination. They were “broken” by these Radical Left racist prosecutors, and couldn’t take it anymore. Even the letter they sent stated, “Mazars performed its work in accordance with professional standards. A subsequent review of those work papers confirms this.” Further, their disclaimer clause in the financial statements has for years stated much the same.

My company is incredible with some of the greatest assets in the world and very low debt. Also, we’re loaded with cash. The Fake News Media hates talking about it!

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Corrupt and biased clown reporter Tom O’Brien created a hit piece at Bloomberg full of vicious accusations given as evidence while like a good lying liberal O”Brien ignores the obvious – Trump’s accountants were tired of being harassed and threatened by corrupt and vicious liberal politicians using their positions to punish the President and others they don’t like.

These politicians and goon reporters like O’Brien don’t see that their actions are like their Nazi and communist predators of the past.  They use hate and lies and the courts to attack those they can’t beat in policy debates.

O’Brien writes the outlandish:

Donald Trump’s accountants, Mazars USA LLP, decided to call it quits. For the former president and his three eldest children, it’s an unwelcome development that amplifies financial pressures enveloping their company, the Trump Organization. It also raises the stakes in a pair of high-profile fraud investigations of the family.

All of which leads me to wonder: What took you so long, Mazars? And if the Trumps can’t find an accountant while law enforcement officials continue to comb through their finances, how easy will it be for their debt-laden company to continue moving forward?

The question really is to all New Yorkers – What took you so long – to get out of that wholely corrupt and evil state?

What do you think?

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