President Trump Responds to Fulton County DA and Political Hack Who Ignores Election Fraud to Dig Into President’s Phone Call


President Trump responded to the news of the Fulton County Democrat DA wanting to look into his phone call with Georgia’s corrupt Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger.  

This morning the DA in Fulton County announced that she was going to ask for a grand jury to look into President Trump’s phone call with Georgia’s corrupt Secretary of state last year.

BREAKING: Corrupt Fulton County DA Ignores Election Fraud, Instead Calls for Grand Jury to Investigate President Trump

Raffensperger also called for an investigation into the call.  This was after Raffensperger lied about the call after trashing evidence on the call.

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Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger Launched Investigation Into President Trump’s Phone Calls with the State after Lying About His Call and Trashing the Evidence

The corrupt DA in Fulton County wants to look into the President’s call, which was perfectly fine and necessary instead of looking into the hundreds of thousands of 2020 Election issues in her county.   President Trump provided his response to this action today.

The people of Fulton County deserve to have free and fair elections, not this.  

What do you think?

Written by Newsman

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