Prosecutors: Chicago Murder Parolee Tried to Kill Ex’s Boyfriend with Machete

Prosecutors: Chicago Murder Parolee Tried to Kill Ex’s Boyfriend with Machete

Prosecutors say a Chicago man on parole for two separate murder cases attacked his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend with a machete on January 24.

The suspect has since been charged with attempted first-degree murder, attempted murder during the commission of a forcible felony, home invasion with a dangerous weapon, and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, CWB Chicago reported Friday.

The outlet said officials have detained 47-year-old Marcos Gray until his trial, noting Judge William Fahy labeled him a public safety threat. His parole status is also under review due to the recent murder allegations against him.

A mugshot shows the suspect, who was sentenced to life behind bars in a previous murder case:

Prosecutors say he tried to kill his ex-girlfriend’s beau with a machete last month while on parole for two separate murder convictions.

The machete attack allegedly occurred 2 days after an appellate court upheld one of his earlier murder convictions.

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However, “that was reduced on appeal after other courts determined that it is unconstitutional to sentence people to life in prison for crimes committed as juveniles,” the CWB Chicago report said, adding that when he was a juvenile authorities convicted Gray of two murders.

In 1995, he was convicted of killing and robbing a man, identified as Edwin Carlock, who was visiting Chicago a few years prior. At the time of his conviction, officials said police had previously arrested him for shooting another man, and he was given 55 years for the murder and 30 years for the robbery.

Gray was later convicted in the murder of a woman during a carjacking attempt for which he was sentenced to 60 years with 15 years for attempted robbery.

Officials released him from prison in 2022, and a state appellate court affirmed Gray’s conviction in the first murder on January 22. However, he is now accused of trying to kill his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend while they slept at her house on January 24.

According to court documents, the couple’s bedroom door swung open at approximately 4:00 a.m. and Gray, who knew how to get inside the house, attacked the victim with a machete, which is a large knife, while claiming he was going to kill the man.

As the men fought, the woman called 911 for help. Moments later, Gray froze when he realized the police were on their way.

“The first Chicago police officers on the scene saw him through the kitchen window, covered in blood with his hands in the air, according to their report. They arrested him without further incident,” the CWB Chicago report said.

It is interesting to note that when speaking about a rise in most violent crime categories, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) said in December that homicides and shootings have gone down and money “for restoration and reparations” will help address the “cycle of violence” plaguing residents, according to Breitbart News.

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