Radical Leftist Secretary of State Katie Hobbs Is Acting Governor While AZ Governor Doug Ducey On Vacation


Arizona Governor Doug Ducey left the country on Monday with his wife to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

He will be gone for two weeks.

The Arizona Constitution says,

In the event of the death of the governor, or his resignation, removal from office, or permanent disability to discharge the duties of the office, the secretary of state, if holding by election, shall succeed to the office of governor until his successor shall be elected and shall qualify.

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In the event of the impeachment of the governor, his absence from the state, or other temporary disability to discharge the duties of the office, the powers and duties of the office of governor shall devolve upon the same person as in case of vacancy, but only until the disability ceases.

While Ducey is on leave, woke liberal Secretary of State Katie Hobbs serves as acting Governor of Arizona.

As Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs will administer her own election for Arizona Governor. This is already a huge conflict of interest. What will she be able to change as Governor to make her race unlosable?

Fraudulent Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs Needs To Recuse Herself Of Election Duties

The Arizona Legislature is not currently in session, therefore Hobbs does not have the power to approve or veto bills. However, she now has executive authority over Arizona and with that, the power of executive orders.

With these executive powers, Hobbs also holds the Governor’s Emergency Powers, leaving her unrestrained.

The Gateway Pundit reported on the changes to elections law proposed by Katie Hobbs’ 2021 Elections Proceedures Manual draft. She may use her unchecked powers to make even more radical changes to elections laws, under the guise of COVID, before the 2022 election.

AZ Secretary of State Katie Hobbs Tries to Cheat Again: EZAZ Civic Action Group Finds 170 Issues with Her Elections Manual

America needs to stay as vigilant as ever in 2022 to ensure their vote counts and we need to hold our elected officials accountable for letting our vote get stolen in 2020.

Gather affidavits. Provide evidence to your trusted Sheriffs. Contact your legislators to demand an audit in your state.

As we have seen in Wisconsin, Sheriffs have broad authority to enforce the law.

Contact Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and tell him that the world is watching his Arizona election investigation.

Contact AG Mark Brnovich

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