Report: Senate Democrats Privately Worry Biden’s Age Could Cost Them White House

Report: Senate Democrats Privately Worry Biden’s Age Could Cost Them White House

Senate Democrats are privately worried that President Joe Biden’s age of 81 years could cost their party the White House, but say the subject is so “taboo” that it is not even discussed at their weekly caucus lunches, according to a report.

The Hill reported Tuesday that some Democrat senators admit privately that his age is “one of their biggest concerns” heading into the election because polls show so many voters doubt Biden’s ability to do the job.

One Democratic senator told the outlet, “In all of our lunches, it’s never been discussed. It’s kind of amazing,” he added, “but I don’t think that means that people aren’t worried about it. Look, I worry about it.”

The senator added, “I’m less worried about his ability, I’m assuming he’s going to do [the job] but I’m worried about a lot of people in the country” who think he is not up to the task.

According to the report, Democrat senators “quietly acknowledge that the age issue is a big problem,” especially among young voters, but think it is “too late” to do anything to find a new nominee, since the primaries have already started and Super Tuesday is only a few weeks away.

“The general sense of folks is that we’ve hitched our wagon to Biden, that he’s delivered a lot in partnership. It may not be Biden himself, but it’s his team. Right? And we’re already into the primaries,” a second Democrat senator told The Hill.

The senator said, however, that it could change if Biden suffered a glaring cognitive or health setback in public. “If there was something super obvious like there was with Mitch McConnell,” the senator said.

One Democrat senator who spoke on the record said Biden could win, but that he should not dismiss voters’ concerns about his age.

“Biden, he’s got to deal with the age issue. He’s got to show some energy, and he’s got to show what the future is, not just beat up on Trump,” Sen. Peter Welch (D-VT) told the outlet. “There’s got to be a real manifestation of energy and future orientation from the Biden campaign.”

Biden’s age has made headlines over the past week after the special counsel investigating whether he retained classified information from his previous time in office described him as “an elderly man with a poor memory” who could not recall basic facts such as when he was vice president or when his eldest son died.

Biden delivered remarks after the special counsel’s findings were released in which he argued his memory was fine, but then mistakenly called Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi the “president of Mexico.”

Joe Biden Calls Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi “the President of Mexico”

White House

David Axelrod, a former top strategist to Barack Obama during his presidency, told the New York Times that the special counsel’s report “goes to the core of what is plaguing Biden politically now, which is a widespread fear that he’s not up to it.”

“Fair or not, you can’t unring the bell,” Axelrod said.

Biden Snaps at Reporter After Being Pressed About Concerns with His Age, Memory

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