Republican Vernon Jones Files Official Complaint with Georgia Secretary of State Over Illegal Ballot Box (VIDEO)


It’s a start.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones filed an official complaint with the Georgia Secretary of State over the placement of an illegal ballot box.

The Albany Herald reported:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones has filed a complaint with the Georgia Secretary of State’s office requesting the office open an investigation regarding a possible violation of the rules of the State Election Board.

RULE 183-1-14-0.6-.14 Secure Absentee Ballot Drop Boxes says, in part, (2) A drop box shall only be located on county or municipal government property generally accessible to the public.

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The alleged violation involves DeKalb County’s placement of an absentee drop box on privately owned property.

Vernon Jones was on with Steve Bannon on The War Room on Tuesday.

Vernon Jones is on the right track.

There is plenty more there for Vernon and the Secretary of State Raffensperger to investigate.

HUGE UPDATE: Voter Integrity Groups are Analyzing Video Evidence of Ballot Trafficking on Massive Scale in Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan

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