“Ridiculous” – Nurse Jill Brushes Off Concerns About Joe Biden’s Mental Fitness (VIDEO)


It is obvious to anyone paying attention that 79-year-old Joe Biden is suffering from dementia.

A Politico/Morning Consult survey recently conducted found that 48% of respondents agree that Biden is not mentally fit to serve as president.

Jill Biden brushed off concerns about Joe Biden’s mental fitness during a sit-down interview with CBS Sunday Morning host Rita Braver.

“I think that’s ridiculous,” Jill Biden said when asked about the poll.

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First Lady Jill Biden opens up this Sunday about her life, her efforts to support her husband and looks back at their first year in office, in a rare interview at Camp David, the Presidential retreat in rural Maryland

— CBS Sunday Morning 🌞 (@CBSSunday) December 9, 2021

Joe Biden can hardly string a sentence together.

Biden struggles to read his teleprompter every time he delivers a speech.

Earlier Thursday Joe Biden read instructions off the teleprompter: “end of message”

Joe Biden has a noticeably stiffened gait *dementia shuffle* and fell on his face walking up the steps to Air Force One.

Nothing to see here, move along.

What do you think?

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8 months ago

The old hag loves being the first lady (I prefer calling her slut), even though she knows “brandon” didn’t win.


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