ROGER STONE EXCLUSIVE: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Must Do More to Protect His State from the Far-Left Lunatics


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis needs to do more to address the resistance to his policies and mandates.  The left is doing all they can to stop him.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has garnered national publicity by trumpeting his bold move to ban the masking of children in Florida public schools. Unfortunately, the reality of what is happening today in Florida is much different. In fact, today approximately 1,642,700 students are still required to wear masks in Florida – the use of which is illegal, unscientific, and medically meaningless. School Boards in Lake County, Polk County, Volusia County, Lee County, Orange County, Miami-Dade County, Hillsborough County, Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Duval County, are thumbing their noses at the Governor and forcing school children to wear masks.

[Lake County Schools- 42,000. Polk- 106,000. Volusia-61,400. Lee-90,000. Orange- 206,000. Miami-Dade- 347,300. Hillsborough- 223,300. Palm Beach- 176,700. Broward- 261,000. Duval- 129,000. Total: 1,642,700 estimated students.]

While it is true that Governor DeSantis has fined these counties for their refusal to obey State law, those fines are being happily paid for by the Biden Administration!

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As Governor of the Sunshine State, Ron DeSantis has the absolute authority to fire any school board member who is violating the law.

After I challenged the Governor to focus on the important issues facing Florida and specifically called on him to purge the current Florida voters list of the at least one million phantom voters currently on the rolls, Governor DeSantis responded by announcing the creation of a new department to “investigate election fraud and prosecute it,” in the Governor’s announcement.  He also said that he would oppose drop boxes where voters could drop off their absentee ballots or early votes.

However, Governor DeSantis signed such drop boxes into law in 2019, after Governor Rick Scott, his predecessor, opposed drop boxes throughout both of his terms.  How ironic that the very same day DeSantis once again grabbed the headline with the creation of his new department to crack down on voter fraud, it was revealed that his appointed Secretary of State Laura Lee and Marion County Board of Supervisors Director Wesley Willcox, Chairman of the phony-baloney State Association of Election Supervisors, held an illegal meeting with the top official of the Dominion voting machine company, in violation of Florida State Sunshine Laws.

Governor Ron DeSantis really owes his election to President Donald Trump – who literally dragged DeSantis over the finish line after Desantis lost two debates to Democrat challenger Andrew Gillum.   Does DeSantis show that he is grateful for President Trump’s assistance?

To be clear, I have no illusions about being elected Governor of the state of Florida, but I will file petitions to seek ballot access in the Governor’s race if Governor DeSantis doesn’t do these things.

DeSantis needs to eliminate the current fraud that permeates the Florida voter rolls and move against those school board members who are violating state law regarding the ban on the mask mandate.

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