Samantha Power and Biden Regime Announce $300 Million Payday to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala for Equitable Economic Growth, Human Rights and Fighting Gender-Based Violence in Migration “Root Causes” Funding


We are being led by lunatics and idiots.

The Biden regime is gifting El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras with a $300 million payday as their populations continue to flood across the US Southern border.

The payments, announced by clueless idiot Samantha Power, will pay for programs to advance equitable growth, confront gender-based violence and protect human rights.

This is what Kamala calls the root causes of the historic migration into the US.



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Today, Administrator Samantha Power announced a five-year, $300 million initiative to empower local organizations in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to address the drivers of irregular migration to the United States. The announcement was made during the Administrator’s keynote address at Georgetown University where she presented her vision for USAID’s priorities under the Biden-Harris Administration.

Under this new initiative, Centroamérica Local, USAID intends to invest up to $300 million, subject to the availability of funds, toward engaging, strengthening, and funding local organizations to implement programs to advance sustainable and equitable economic growth, improve governance, fight corruption, protect human rights, improve citizen security, and combat sexual and gender-based violence. These programs are being carried out under the Biden-Harris Administration’s Root Causes Strategy and deliver on the Agency’s goal to foster greater engagement with local organizations and communities in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras and advance stability in the region.

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