Sarah Palin Vows ‘Over My Dead Body’ Will She Get COVID Vaccinated


Former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin vowed on Sunday should only get a COVID vaccinated “over my dead body.”

“Enough is enough, especially when it comes to government telling us what we have to inject in our own bodies,” Palin proclaimed at an AmericaFest hosted by Turning Poing USA in Phoenix Arizona.

“I will not do it. I won’t do it, and the better not touch my kids, either,” she continued during a discussion about the government coronavirus mandates with the TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk.

Sarah Palin showed up in Phoenix this morning to tell that crowd “it will be over my dead body” that she gets vaccinated. Then she encourages others to “stiffen their spines” and fight back. “There is an empowerment in a group like this where we can kind of feed off each other.”

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) December 19, 2021

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“If enough of us, though, rise up and say, ‘No, enough is enough,’ — There are more of us than there are of them! You need to all look around and… realize that those around you, as you stiffen your spine, their spines, too, will stiffen,” she said. “There is an empowerment in a group like this where you all can feed off each other, and really be strong.”

The conservative firebrand also blasted Dr. Anthony Fauci, noting Fauci’s “inconsistent” explanation of natural immunity is what initially prompted her to hold off on getting the jab.

“Do you remember he said that if you had Covid, you would be naturally immune? So, at the time we were led to believe we wouldn’t need to have the shot. Well, then they changed their tune. Those of us who have had Covid, they’re telling us that even though we’ve had it — we have natural immunity — now that we still to get a shot.”

According to the Center for Disease Control’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, experimental Covid vaccines have killed more people than any vaccine in recorded history. At least 20,244 people have died in the United States after receiving a Covid vaccine in 2021, while just 420 people died after receiving vaccines in 2020.

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