SAY IT AIN’T SO JOE – Now Even CNN Is Saying: “Biden Seems Confused”


It is getting so bad that even CNN is saying that “Biden seems confused”.

The Daily Mail reports:

CNN corresponded said Wednesday that Joe Biden ‘seemed confused’ in his ABC News interview earlier this week, when the president appeared to mix up COVID-19 at-home tests and antiviral pills.

Biden, 79, spoke to ABC’s David Muir for 20 minutes in an interview that aired on Wednesday and defended his administration against criticism of its handling of the pandemic and readiness for the rapidly spreading Omicron variant, but also admitting that there were certain mistakes made.

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When asked about complaints that the lines to get tested for COVID-19 were excessive, with waits of over five hours in New York City as one example, Biden said that 500 million at-home tests had been ordered.

Below is CNN’s correspondent saying “Biden seems confused”.

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny says Joe Biden is “not accepting any responsibility for this lack of testing.”

“There is no sense from this administration [tests] will be sent out early in January as the president suggested.”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) December 23, 2021

Note to the left.  If you’re going to steal an election, get a candidate who knows he was in one.

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