Scarborough: COVID Testing Not Necessary, So Don’t Blame Biden For Botching It!


Suddenly so forgiving, that Joe Scarborough!

On today’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough admitted that last week, he felt the Biden administration had “terribly botched” things “as far as [COVID] testing goes.”

But on second thought . . . nope! Don’t blame Biden for botching the availability of testing. Because . . . testing isn’t necessary! 

Opined renowned epidemiologist Scarborough:

You don’t need a test! Because we’ve just found from our own experience, people get Covid. they stayed home for three or four days, they start feeling better, and then they go back out in the workforce.

Joe Scarborough  MSNBC Morning Joe 1-3-22Scarborough said people should deal with COVID as if it’s the flu. Wife and co-host Mika Brzezinski chimed in to diminish the seriousness of the disease even further, exclaiming, “it’s a cold.”

Scarborough went on to proclaim that we’re almost experiencing “the normalization of Covid.” Nothing to see here: move along!

Readers will remember Scarborough’s mind-numbing habit of endlessly repeating then-President Trump’s overly optimistic statements about the seriousness of COVID at the beginning of the pandemic. 

Right before the election, Scarborough called Trump a mass murderer: Nobody’s ever done so much to kill so many people. That is correct. Nobody.” Mika echoed along.

But now, Scarborough is so understanding of presidential flubs when it comes to COVID and downplays its seriousness. Gee, what’s changed? More people died of COVID in 2021 than in 2020.

And if tests are unnecessary, was Biden’s promise to provide a half-billion test kits nothing more than a frivolous stunt? For that matter, how many of those half-billion have been delivered?

Joe Scarborough making excuses for Biden was sponsored in part by Pfizer, maker of Nexium, Sling, GlaxoSmithKline, maker of Voltaren, and Celebrity Cruises.   

Here’s the transcript.


Morning Joe


6:09 am ET

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I mean, it is totally a balancing act. And with omicorn, we’re learning so much. You look at South Africa, and you look at the deaths. There wasn’t a significant increase in deaths. So obviously, that’s a positive thing. The only problem is, having to take a test after you test positive, five days after your last symptom is, you’re still, you’re still, your viral load is still high. And so that’s really, that’s just not a solution at all.

But Elisabeth Bumiller [of the New York Times], it is, it’s so fascinating. Last week while I saw long lines in New York City, and then I started hearing the Biden administration talking about how, in my opinion at least, this was so terribly botched as far as testing goes. 

I was thinking one thing on Thursday, and by this morning, I’m like: if you’re vaccinated, you get sick, stay home. You don’t need a test! Because we’ve just found from our own experience, people get COVID. they stayed home for three or four days, they start feeling better, and then they go back out in the workforce.


SCARBOROUGH: The whole idea — it’s almost as if we’ve seen over the last four or five days, almost the normalization for vaccinated Americans without underlying conditions. Almost the normalization of COVID, as if it is a flu. Get sick, stay at home, get over it, get back in the workforce.

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