Seahawks’ Smith Insults, Threatens Cops During DUI Arrest


The NFL has championed the cause of wanting to find a way to create healthy relationships between cops and small communities by having both sides work together. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith apparently missed the memo.

On Monday, the backup signal-caller was arrested in King County, WA, for driving under the influence. He was driving 96 mph in a 60 mph zone, driving erratically, and even told the officers he had been drinking before he got behind the wheel of his Rolls Royce. After pulling him over, one officer said Smith accused him of “having a small d—k” and that he even threatened to physically harm the officers.

“I joked with him about how my wife thinks I work too much. Somehow, he said that’s because ‘you have a little d–k,’” one of the officers reported. “I said, wow, maybe that is the problem, then he said, ‘You have a little d–k, you have little d–k syndrome.’”

“I’ll f–k every one of y’all up,” Smith allegedly told officers. “You don’t want to see me out of these cuffs, you don’t want to know what will happen.”

Smith spent roughly 7.5 hours in jail before being released.

Now understandably, he was probably not fully in control of his faculties, but this is not a good look for a league that has prided itself on being a positive force for change in racial reconciliation. It’s also not a good look for Smith for a host of reasons, but then again, the NFL is a safe haven for those who run into trouble with the law (like Tyreek Hill and Josh Gordon).

Thankfully, Smith seems at least somewhat aware that what he did was wrong, as evidenced by his tweet shortly after he was released:

Being arrested brings a taint onto the reputation that is impossible to undo, no matter what really happened.

I’m asking all of you to hold back on judging me the same as you would do for a friend or family member.

I’ll have more to say down the road

& ask that you bare with me.

— Geno (@GenoSmith3) January 11, 2022

If Smith can do the honorable thing and apologize for his actions, then it will go a long way in showing that cops are not the only ones who make mistakes when they enforce the law and that the NFL and its players are actually concerned about creating unity. If he does not, then everything the NFL and its players stand for in this area will be proven to be worthless.

What do you think?

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