SEC Hides Documents from FOIA Request then Suddenly Uncovers 1,000 Pages of Documents They Claimed Didn’t Exist


The SEC suddenly uncovered 1,000 pages of documents per response to a FOIA request related to SEC leaders’ communications with attorneys regarding the XRP/Ripple case.  They made a mistake and corrected it.  

The SEC – Ripple/XRP case is still in the news.  A recent FOIA request response shows that the government suddenly uncovered emails related to the case that they previously claimed were not there.

Please read the written appeal that @JsnFostr at @EMPOWR_us served on @SECGov. It’s the best FOIA lawyering I’ve ever seen.

This case has never been about w/r #XRP was or is a security.

Now, its about democracy, freedom, transparency, and a free market system.

— John E Deaton (@JohnEDeaton1) February 8, 2022

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More than a year ago, the former SEC Chairman left office and on his last day signed off on an SEC lawsuit against XRP/Ripple.  Chairman Clayton directed Perkins Coie to draft a memo giving Ethereum and Bitcoin a unique advantage in crypto space – then his SEC sued their top competitor on the same day Chairman Clayton left the SEC.

EXCLUSIVE: One Year Ago Former SEC Chairman Clayton Created a Bogus Lawsuit Against Ripple – Today Tens of Thousands of XRP Investors Still Suffer

The actions by the SEC were and are atrocious.  Picking a couple of entities in an industry, investing in them, and then helping them by suing their competitor is not what the SEC should be doing.   

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