Senator Rand Paul Provides His Annual Christmas List and Wonders If Anyone Checked Fauci’s Trunk the Day Biden Got Rid of His Dog, and More…


Senator Rand Paul came out with his Christmas list this year, and it was epic.

Senator Paul started on senile Joe Biden.

After Fauci, next on my naughty list is our President. President Biden is now spreading his own version of holiday cheer by telling us all we are going to die.

— Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) December 23, 2021

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Next Paul mentioned Dr. Fauci and referenced his related abuse of dogs.

President Biden also had some dog problems this year. The story was his dog got booted for bad behavior. I hope someone checked Fauci’s trunk on the way out that day.

— Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) December 23, 2021

Senator Paul also took on Big Tech.

Speaking of big tech censorship – this year I’ve been censored for:

– not naming a whistleblower

– telling the truth about masks

– telling the truth about natural immunity

— Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) December 23, 2021

Merry Christmas.

What do you think?

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