Senior FBI Official Caught Abusing Authority, Lies to Inspector General – Corrupt DOJ Declines to Criminally Prosecute


The Office of Inspector General on Thursday released its findings of misconduct by a senior FBI official for failure to timely report a romantic relationship with a subordinate.

The Senior FBI official then lied to the Inspector General about abusing his authority and intimidating a subordinate.

“The OIG investigation substantiated the allegations that the Senior Official engaged in a romantic relationship with a subordinate and failed to timely report the relationship, in violation of FBI policy. The OIG also found that the Senior Official violated FBI policy by participating in two hiring or organizational decisions involving the subordinate without receiving prior approval. In addition, the OIG found that the Senior Official allowed the relationship to negatively affect a professional and appropriate supervisor-subordinate relationship, adversely affect the FBI’s mission, and disrupt workplace morale, by, among other things, causing the subordinate to believe that the subordinate’s career was being impacted due to missed opportunities and sending text messages and emails to the subordinate that disparaged the subordinate’s immediate supervisor and the Senior Official’s other subordinates, all in violation of FBI policy,” the OIG wrote in a summary.

The OIG revealed the Senior FBI official interfered with a traffic incident involving the subordinate then lied about it (lacked candor) during interviews with the FBI and OIG

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As expected, the corrupt DOJ declined to criminally prosecute the now-retired senior FBI official.

The OIG also found that another (now retired) Senior FBI official violated FBI policy.

“The OIG found that the now Retired Senior Official, after being told about the romantic relationship described above, did not take proactive measures necessary to mitigate adverse consequences of the supervisor-subordinate relationship, in violation of FBI policy.”

The second FBI official was not punished because they retired before the OIG initiated the investigation.

Read of the full Investigative Summary released by the OIG Thursday:

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