Sham January 6 Committee to Ask Sean Hannity to Cooperate with Investigation


The Marxists on the January 6 Committee continue their assault on the Constitution and the First Amendment.

According to Axios, the Jan 6 panel is preparing to ask Fox News host Sean Hannity to cooperation with their investigation.

Axios reported:

The Jan. 6 select committee is preparing to ask Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity for his voluntary cooperation with its investigation of the assault on the U.S. Capitol, a source with direct knowledge of the plan tells Axios.

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Why it matters: Hannity is one of the most prominent media figures in America and was a close adviser to Donald Trump throughout his presidency. The committee revealed last month that Hannity texted then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows during the riot to urge him to get Trump to stop his supporters.

  • Tim Mulvey, a spokesperson for the Jan. 6 committee, declined to comment when asked about the pending Hannity request.
  • Jay Sekulow, counsel to Sean Hannity, told Axios, “If true, any such request would raise serious constitutional issues including First Amendment concerns regarding freedom of the press.”
  • Details: Axios has not yet been able to establish the nature of the cooperation the committee plans to ask of Hannity. Committee officials have said Hannity was among several Fox News hosts who were texting Meadows during the riot.

Last month Liz Cheney read Trump’s former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’ text messages out loud as the panel voted to hold him in contempt.

“These text messages leave no doubt…multiple Fox News hosts knew the president needed to act immediately. They texted Mr. Meadows.” Cheney said as the panel voted to recommend contempt charges.

Cheney proceeded to read Mark Meadows’ private text messages with Fox News hosts out loud.

“Can he [Trump] make a statement?” Hannity said in the texts read by Liz Cheney a couple weeks ago. “Ask people to leave the Capitol.”

Hannity’s biggest sin according to the left? Not criticizing Trump after the Capitol protest on January 6.

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