Six Men Charged with Hate Crimes in Bay Area Robberies Targeting More Than 100 Asian Women


Remember when CNN told us “white supremacy” and hate are haunting Asian Americans?

Suddenly CNN is silent after six black men were charged with hate crimes in Bay Area robberies targeting more than 100 Asian women.

The six men were arrested in connection with 170 robberies/attempted robberies targeting Asians.

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KGO reported:

Targeted crimes against the AAPI community across the Bay Area has dramatically increased since the start of the pandemic.

Six men in custody are being charged with hate crimes after San Jose Police arrested them following at least 170 incidents in the past year.

Anthony Robinson of Stockton, Cameron Moody of East Palo Alto, Derje Blanks of San Jose, Hassani Ramsey of Oakland, Clarence Jackson of East Palo Alto and Malik Short of Tracy have been linked to at least 170 incidents of robbery, theft and burglary that targeted members of the AAPI community.

Police say these men specifically targeted more than 100 women because they were Asian American.

“An attack like this is really an attack against the basic premises of this country that as Americans, we are all entitled to equal and fair treatment under the law and that we should all treat one another with respect,” Rosen said. “So, because of those reasons, we charged this as a hate crime.”

More from Fox 2 San Francisco:

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