SNL “Hip-Hop Nativity” Skit Shows “Baby Jesus” Twerking – Mary as a Stripper and “Baby Daddy” Joseph with a “Pimp Walk” (VIDEO)


SNL this weekend ran a “hip-hop nativity” skit with a twerking “baby Jesus” – Mary as a stripper – and “baby daddy” Joseph learning how to “pimp walk.”

There is nothing too low for the degenerates at Saturday Night Live.

The cowards at SNL would never dare do a skit like this on Mohammad and Islam.

“Times are changing and we can’t do the normal, boring pageant thing this year,” one of the teachers said. “Too old school. Too boring, okay? This year we’re switching it up.”

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The first part of the nativity pageant rehearsal has Joseph, referred to as a “baby daddy,” being taught how to walk like a “pimp” (woman abuser and sex trafficker).

Later on in the rehearsal, “baby Jesus” is told to “focus on his twerking.”

As “Jesus” is twerking, the teachers encourage “Mary” to dance on a candy cane stripper pole.


Saturday Night Live also ran a skit last night joking about taking turns on Roger Stone’s 75-year-old wife who has cancer.

It’s now “funny” on the left to joke about gang-raping the wife of a prominent conservative with cancer.

What do you think?

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