Socialist Son of Weather Underground Terrorists, San Fran DA Chesa Boudin Admits “We Are at the Tipping Point in San Francisco”


Soros-funded, socialist, anti-cop son of Weather Underground terrorists, Chesa Boudin, wrote an op-ed in San Francisco admitting the city was a mess while arguing it’s not his fault.  

We reported on the socialist Soros-backed DA in San Francisco before.  In November 2019 he was voted in as DA of San Francisco.

“We Did It!” – Cop-Hating Socialist and Son of Weather Underground Terrorists Chesa Boudin Celebrates His Victory in San Francisco DA Race

His policies of releasing violent and non-violent criminals only lead to more crime.  The victims are the people of San Francisco.

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But the son on terrorists doesn’t get it and he proved it in an op-ed this past week at SFGate.

Boudin uses the following arguments in his op-ed [with our interpretation in brackets]:

…these types of thefts with multiple people running into a store and grabbing items are not new [happens all the time]…

…Nor are they isolated to the Bay Area [See other kids are doing it too]…

…my office’s high prosecution rates on these kinds of crimes [many would argue this is not true]…

…Fox News might have you think otherwise [FOX is the bad guy here]…

…aggressive charges do not necessarily translate to convictions [so why convict?]…

…Organized retail theft is not a problem that can be addressed solely by law enforcement solutions [so why arrest?]

…Blaming legal reforms is equally misguided [it’s not my fault]…

…Preventing these crimes before they happen [we have the ability to see the future]…

…We are at a tipping point in San Francisco; we are in danger of making decisions driven by fear. [rather they are driven by insanity]…

San Francisco made a big mistake putting this guy in power.  Big mistake.

What do you think?

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