Steve Bannon ON FIRE: “People Are Going to Throw Up in their Mouth When They Hear the Name Mitch McConnell” (VIDEO)


Steve Bannon brought THE FIRE to The War Room on Monday, going after Mitch McConnell and the turncoat Republican lawmakers who continue to ignore and snub their voters.

The Senate Republicans, under the leadership of Mitch McConnell are the worst as they continue to ignore and then spit on their voters.

On Monday Steve Bannon had enough.

Steve Bannon: People are going to throw up in their mouth when they hear the name Mitch McConnell. OK? You have done as much to destroy this as anybody. You let them off the hook on the debt ceiling.. And look, 100 days ago, you misread the playing field. You thought MAGA was done. You thought Trump was done. He’s too radioactive. January 6th the biggest thing in the world. You gotta compromise with Biden. NO! You took an illegitimate regime and you kept it on life support. This thing was over, done, finished. Nancy Pelosi… Six Democrats bury her and you have 13 Republicans that support this?… That’s what Mitch McConnell supports… These people, all they want is your money and to ring doorbells and then they want you to go away.

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Watch the entire clip.

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